Our goal is to provide you with the latest updates in citizen science and open science practices, covering developments both locally and internationally. We strive to offer diverse news content, encompassing various facets of citizen science. Additionally, we keep you informed about a broad spectrum of events relevant to citizen scientists, including project presentations, exhibitions, and other…


Wondering who can join citizen science projects and if special training or knowledge tests are necessary? If you’re considering becoming a citizen scientist, we’ve got the information you need. Learn about and engage with existing citizen science projects, discover research issues and challenges in your local area, and familiarize yourself with the various elements of participating in citizen science projects.


Citizen Science is a concept of scientific research that involves non-professional researchers in research in different ways, from different perspectives and in different forms. With the information on, we want to provide you with easy ways to get involved in citizen science projects and to learn about and use the results of citizen science research.


Explore the catalog of citizen science projects in Slovenia, featuring both ongoing and completed initiatives. Discover how you can get involved in active projects and learn about the outcomes of research that has been concluded. If you are already engaged in citizen science, consider adding your project to this comprehensive catalog…


In your local area, there are frequently various project presentations and civic exploration events. By attending these, you can gain insightful information on diverse aspects of citizen science.


Citizen scientists require robust infrastructure to carry out their work effectively. Slovenia boasts a well-developed scientific research infrastructure. Through this catalog, we aim to enlighten you about the various ways in which these infrastructures can be utilized across different local environments and organizations.

Citizens and the Danube survey

Citizens and the Danube survey

  We are asking you to fill in/share a survey that is being carried out in the framework of the EU project DANUBE4all, in which GWP CEE is a partner, and which aims, among other things, to facilitate public participation in various activities related to the...

The third part of the LIBER Guide to Citizen Science is published

The third part of the LIBER Guide to Citizen Science is published

  How can open science practices improve citizen science projects? The latest part of the LIBER Citizen Science Working Group's guide "Citizen Science for Research Libraries" is out! The guide covers how to generally introduce open science practices into your citizen...

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