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WG for the preparation of a national citizen science event

Working group is responsible for planning and coordinating the annual event in accordance with the RRIS 2030 Action Plan for Open Science. The objective is to gather local stakeholders, facilitate the sharing of international best practices, and enhance global collaborative networks. This year’s event, scheduled for 15 November, will consist of two segments: collaborative activities and project showcases. Additionally, there will be an international component featuring guest speakers. The event is designed to appeal to a broad audience.

WG for the preparation of a handbook on citizen science

Working group is focusing on reviewing and optimising the content of the handbook, which will be published with the participation of the whole network. The handbook is intended for all those interested in citizen science, especially those with no previous experience. It will also be available in hard copy.

WG for participation of libraries

Working group explores the possibilities of cooperation between different libraries and their role in citizen science projects, and promotes collaboration between them.

 WG to develop a strategy for the development of the network

Working group is dedicated to creating an agenda that serves as a foundation for training and engaging various participants, including professional researchers and librarians. Their goals encompass the creation of a competence catalog, providing training, and establishing a sustainable system to enhance scientific literacy. Additionally, they aim to explore new avenues for collaboration.

WG for promotion

Working group creates a range of promotional materials, including posters and leaflets, aimed at reaching a broader audience, particularly those who are not active users of digital media.

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